2018 Conference resources

2018 National Energy Conference: 12/1

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Solar Presentation by Evan Hansen of Downstream Strategies
Methane Presentation by Joshua Fershee of WVU
Carbon Pricing Presentation by Kurt Waltzer of Clean Air Task Force

Methane Presentation by Derek Johnson of WVU

Climate Communication Presentation by Joshua Murphy of Center for Climate Change Communications
Climate Communication Presentation by Dylan Selterman of the University of Maryland
Climate Communication Presentation by Brandi Gaertner of Alderson Broaddus University
Climate Communication Presentation by Amy Hessl of WVU
Methane Presentation by Ken Davis and Zach Barkley of Penn State


Session 1: Climate Communication

Session 2: Measuring Methane Emissions

Session 3: Solar Power

Session 4: Climate Pricing and Closing Remarks